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Child sponsorship at Morning Glory connects you with students by giving them the love and support they need to reach their potential and chase their dreams


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  • Basic sponsorship is only $35 a month
  • Premium sponsorship is $45, which provides a uniform or book credit at the start of the year
  • Write and receive letters as often as you like
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Children Sponsored: 166    Total students at Morning Glory: 588

28% of our students are currently sponsored.  


4th Grade 

Miley is the youngest child in her family. She has a happy and positive spirit. Miley is an attentive and responsible student. She likes to follow directions to the smallest detail. 

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3rd grade

Josué is intelligent and responsible. Josué also has an outstanding personality. He makes friends easily due to his kindness and confidence. One day Josué hopes to be a fire-fighter.

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2nd Grade

Dominick is shy and quiet though he loves to be active and play outside when he can, especially soccer. He is dilligent to do the best he can in his classes. He is a great example of determination.

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4th grade

Douglas is a great student. He pays attention to the details to produce great work in class. He is honest, positive, and friendly. With tons of potential, we know Douglas has a bright future.

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4th Grade

 Andrea is shy at first, but sweet and very affectionate. Behind her timid eyes is a bright mind. She is often at the top of her class. Andrea hopes to be a doctor in the future.

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Kenneth is an excellent student, even through distance-learning. He loves making videos for class presentations. Kenneth has a positive disposition. He wants to be a fire-fighter. 

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Angel is a quick learner. He has excellence performance in class. Angel loves to learn. He is confident and has no problem speaking in front of people. One day Angel hope to be a fire-fighter. 

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1st grade

Amsi is perseverant, learning to read through distance-learning. She always gives her best effort. Amsi likes to draw in her free time. She hopes to be a nurse in the future. 

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Monthly child sponsorship donations are pooled to maximize the impact of Morning Glory. Your donation will meet the educational, spiritual and social needs of your sponsored child and other children in need in the San Raymundo community. At Morning Glory, each student will receive a Christian education that will change generations to come.